Phantom is a fictional character in the video game Mega Man Zero. Phantom was the leader of the "Cutting Shadow Squadron" with the title of Inshō Phantom, literally "Shadow General Phantom" aka "Stealthy Commander" or "The Ebony Illusion"). The idiom dictionary of the Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works reveals his English title to be Hidden Phantom. Phantom's schematics were based on that of X's capabilities of stealth. He is one of the Four Guardians of Copy X and oversaw his pupils, Hanumachine, Phoenix Magnion, and Tech Kraken.


  • Even though Mega Man Zero has the distinction of breaking the tradition of defeating a boss at the end of a level, Phantom still stands out as the only boss in the game that is fought at the very beginning of the mission/level. This is later carried on with Argoyle and Ugoyle in Mega Man ZX Advent.
  • Phantom is the only returning boss in Mega Man Zero 3 that is not featured in the storyline; he was fought as a secret boss instead.
  • Ironically, even though Phantom has shown himself to be one of the more nobler enemies in the Zero series, the Zero 3 database claims that he is an evil Dark Lord.
  • Surprisingly, out of any of the other Guardians divisions, members of Phantom's army are fought most often in the Zero series (5 of them: Hanumachine, Phoenix Magnion, Burble Hekelot, Hyleg Ourobockle, and Tech Kraken), while the leader, Phantom himself, appears physically in only one game (he is only mentioned in Zero 4, and fought as a secret boss in Zero 3).